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Feature Documentary


The untold story of how a ragtag bunch of inspiring characters broke loose to turn women’s surfing into the main event.

Drama Series 


Les Norton is set in 1985 and follows the exploits of Les Norton, a country bloke from outback Queensland, on the run from a troubled past. He arrives in Sydney, where he lands a job as a bouncer at an illegal casino.

Feature Documentary


A filmmaker's lifelong dream becomes a 'nightmare' when he puts his life savings on the line to make a low budget horror film about an aborted foetus that seeks revenge on its family.

Drama Series

An Australian television series sequel to the 1992 film Romper Stomper, set 25 years later.

The series follows a new generation of far-right activists and their anti-fascist counterparts.

US Sci Fi Series


2007 Afghanistan, Flynn and his fellow soldiers are attacked by Hunters. Back in the present, Jackson asks Flynn to visit Robert Brecke, another survivor of the attack.



The making of modern Australia through the eyes of competing media moguls - Sir Frank Packer, and Rupert Murdoch.


Feature Film


This Mockumentary lifts the lid on the competitive world of children's dance, focusing on the rivalry between snide Miss Elizabeth's Dance Academy, and exuberant Mr Jonathan's Jazzketeers.

Comedy Series


Audrey is determined not to be defined by motherhood. In theory, this seems fairly easy. In practice, her career-focused husband, self-obsessed mother, and fancy-free best friend make it damn-near impossible.

US Feature Film

On a quiet suburban street, a babysitter must defend a twelve-year-old boy from intruders, only to discover it's far from a normal home invasion.

Drama Series


A modern day apdaptation of Anna Karenina.

Anna is introduced by chance to Skeet. They fall into an instant and helpless attraction.


Comedy Series


With his life in disarray, big challenges await Josh in his immediate future, which are especially hard for someone like him, who with a natural aversion to drama and emotion. So he deals with it all; only in his own awkward, self-centered way.

TV Documentary


Big wave pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones and two-time world champion Tom Carroll are two Aussie surfing legends who have spent the last few years scouring the ends of the earth to ride the most dangerous waves they can find.



A documentary on the life of American 78rpm record collector, Joe Bussard.

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